Public Call ll - The Congress, Maan Abu Taleb (in collaboration with Lagrange Points)

Kunstenfestivaldesarts is looking for Brussels-based Arabic-speaking female readers or actors (professional or not) to be part of the performative reading of Maan Abu Taleb’s The Congress, which will take place on Saturday May 14th at 19:00/7PM within our The Politics of Music programme. The piece takes us to Cairo in 1932, reimagining the first Congress of Arab Music. The performative reading will require specific language and performance skills for the different roles listed below.

Mounira El Mahdeya 

The ‘Sultana of Tarab’, and the leading singer in the Arab world until the rise of the young Um Kalthoum. Mounira was known for her efforts to resist British occupation and was the first Muslim woman to sing on stage. Here in her fifties.
Type of performance: energetic, street mentality, singing skills welcome, Egyptian accent.

Umm Kulsoum 

The Arab world’s leading singer of all time. Here in her early twenties. 
Type of performance: powerful, grandiose attitude, serious, and dignified, Egyptian accent.

The trajectory will require two half-days and another full day of rehearsals, and one performance, and will be compensated with €500 per actor/role.

To apply

Send an email to eric@kfda.be which specifies the role(s) you want to read for.

Applicants must submit their application before Saturday May 7th 2022.

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