Marcus Lindeen Stockholm / Caen

L’Aventure invisible


Théâtre Varia

| French → NL, EN | ⧖ 1h15 | €18 / €15

The Invisible Adventure explores themes of identity and transformation using autobiographical words. Three actors equipped with earpieces into which recorded interviews are played interweave the voices of three people who have been forced to reinvent their identities. After suffering a stroke at the age of 37, an American brain specialist studies the damage inflicted to her own brain from the inside, with her complete loss of memory forcing her to recapture memories, including of her own gestures and phrases. An artist revisits the photographic work of the queer surrealist artist Claude Cahun by means of rituals around death. Finally, a man born with a degenerative disease, and the first patient to be given a complete face transplant, lives with the face of a man 25 years younger than him. For ten years or so, the Swedish director and film-maker has been producing work that is a combination of theatre and cinema, rooted in vast documentary material from which he takes exceptional stories and metamorphoses them into poetic, sensitive and political accounts. In The Invisible Adventure, he weaves the threads of three stories to create a single conversation that questions the impermanence of our identities.

Presentation: Kunstenfestivaldesarts-Théâtre Varia

Text, direction: Marcus Lindeen | Translation: Marianne Ségol-Samoy | With: Claron McFadden, Tom Menanteau, Franky Gogo | Artistic collaboration, dramaturgy: Marianne Ségol-Samoy | Music, sound design: Hans Appelqvist | Set design: Mathieu Lorry-Dupuy | Light: Diane Guérin | Film: Sarah Pucill | Stage, lighting, video control: Dimitri Blin | Sound system: Isaac Azoulay | Production: Comédie de Caen-CDN de Normandie dans le cadre du Pôle Européen de création  | Coproduction T2G — Théâtre de Gennevilliers - Centre Dramatique National Festival d’Automne à Paris | With the support of the Institut français, the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Culture and the Cité internationale des arts, the Festival Les Boréales, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee | In partnership with France Culture





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